5 Problems Faced In The Old Age

There are several people who used to face a lot of problems in the elderly age and thus one must have a knowledge about the issues that they can face in the later age. One of prominent knee surgeons of Kolkata has mentioned that one must take care of bones in the elderly ages, as it would help them in order to avoid the pains related to bones. However, here are some of the problems that people can face at the elderly ages.




Obesity: mostly the adults used to complain about obesity especially crossing after the age of 60. However, obesity itself cannot be treated as a diseases but the associated diseases that can bring obesity with it is the diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, higher blood pressure etc. Apart from that if the person especially the women would have some menopause or primenopause. It is a tendency seen in the women who use to face the gynaecological problems, grows fat around waist. In addition to this, people who use to take a good amount of alcohol can have the risk of getting over weight. It is advisable that the people must not eat anything that can affect the health or bring obesity.

Arthritis: Another common disease found in the people is the arthritis that people used found in the body at a later age such as after 60. Due to arthritis most of the people used to loose the liquid in among the joints and owing to the loose of that the bone used to be damaged. If one wants to avoid the issues related to arthritis must do exercises on a regular basis. Only if the person feels a certain amount of pain then he or she can stop it. In addition to this another problem faced by the people is that to maintaining the weight of the person. Thus one must keep one self steady in order to avoid the pains related to arthritis.

Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is another disease to which nearly 44 million people aged more than 50 are affected with. Mostly women are more prone to this particular disease. However, it is very difficult to avoid osteoporosis, as it is one of normal part of the people being aged. However, a person who used to live a healthy life, if not avoid at least can reduce the chances of the getting affected severely with the osteoporosis. Due to low mass of bone the chances of fall getting higher and the person falls at a higher age, increases the chances of getting injured more. There are certain problems that are associated with the low bone mass or the osteoporosis is associated with the food habit. If the people will stop taking alcohols or reduces the smoking habit, it would be easier for the person in order to stay safe from such diseases. Having soda in a high level increases the calcium losses. The level of calcium remains at a balance in our body and thus if the body would not get the sufficient amount of calcium from the food that we intake, it will start snatching the calcium from the bones. It is one of the main reasons that women suffers from loss of calcium as at the time when she becomes pregnant a lot of calcium used to be used for developing the child.

Cardio related problems: Another serious problems that is faced by the people aged more than of 50 usually face apart from knee and bone related problem is cardio diseases. Doctors and surgeons made the pint clear that with the growing age the chances of getting affected by the cardio vascular diseases occur more. A survey shows that cardio vascular issues are one of the leading reasons behind deaths in many developed countries also. However, in order to get secure from these issues one must try to avoid a non-healthy life style.

It has been seen in the surveys conducted by different health organisation that people who do not used smoke, or take alcohols and not at all over weight are safer from the cardio related diseases. In addition to this if a person also does healthy exercise for at least 30 minutes, the chances of getting prone to cardio disease also gets lesser. Additionally doctors used also tell that doing exercise not only makes the heart stronger but also makes the bones such as knees and other strong.

Vision and hearing problem: There are different visions and hearing related problems are also there that the old people used to suffer. However, it is also another stage of old age. In order to stay out of this problem is not in hand at all. However, having a good diet at the young age can help the person to avoid these issues little longer. In addition to this if the people would start to live a healthy life the chances of vision and hearing related problem would get lesser. Additionally after a certain age, one must go regularly to ENT and eye specialist doctors to check the ear and vision condition of the person.

Therefore, these are the issues that a person aged more than 50 or a person reaching 50 must look at these issues. A person even in the early thirties must also start to take care of these issues as this will help the person in order to remain protected of these issues related to health.

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