7 Things a Basketball Player Must Know About Injuries

Basketball is one of the most engaging sports in all over the world especially the NBA, which is a professional basketball league. However, due to the fast pace of the game, it has been seen players used to get different injuries which may even causes knee or hip replacements surgeries. A doctor performing replacement surgery in India for over the years mentioned that practicing on the clay court also makes the players injury prone.

Before knowing the injuries one must understand that there are two types of injuries such as overuse and traumatic one. Overuse injuries are those, which usually people used to get from continuous practicing and putting pressure on the same bones and ligaments. However, traumatic injuries also known as acute one happens due to sudden impact on the particular area.  According to a data 11% of the players used to injure their hips or thighs during the game while nearly 9% gets injured in the knees. Here is the list of injuries that a basketball players can have during playing or practicing.

Achilles tendonitis: One of the most common injuries of basketball players is Achilles tendonitis. Players usually used to feel a pain at the backside of the leg around the heel. It is the longest and largest tendon in the human body. Achilles tendon connects the calf muscle and the heel bone. The tendon not only helps to help run in a quick manner but also it helps in running, walking and jumping which all are very  essential for a basketball player. Due to over use of the tendon one must grow a severe pain in the area. Due to increase in the intensity of the running and jumping, one can get an injury a lot.

Bulging Disc: It is a common spinal injury, which causes a severe pain to a person. Another common term for bulging disc is slipped disc. There are primarily two reasons of bulging discs such as if one has any sort of pre-existing weak spot at the annulus or it may also possible that due to some abrupt pressure the annulus fibers it is possible that it may get torn. All the injuries can be summoned under three basic issues that are Accumulated Microtrauma, Sudden load unexpectedly and Genetic factors. There are different treatments available but it is advisable to the players to avoid such kind of injuries.

Bursitis Knee: The player who suffered knee bursitis can feel the pain in the knee patella or commonly known as the kneecap. The pain can be anywhere such as above, below or even on the cap. Some of the basic reasons of causing knee bursitis are if a direct blow or trauma happens to the knee. If some one frequently falls over the knee may get affected with knee bursitis. It is very common in the basket ball players. Most of the common symptoms of the bursitis knee is swelling around the knee, lack of motions in the knee or feeling pain while moving the knee.

Hip arthritis: it is a joint related disease that affects the joint cartilage in the hip. If the articular cartilage is strong it prevents the person from getting injured. The prime reason is that it helps the hip bones to absorb the shocks, however, when the players used to play it creates a deep impact on the hip joints and if the impact is very strong it might be possible that the person have to go for replacement surgeries also. During basketball matches the impact is high on the hip joints thus having a strong muscle is very necessary in order to avoid injuries.

Hip labral Tear: Acetabular labrum is a cartilage runs surrounding the rim of the socket of hip joints. It is mostly provides the joint deep and stable back supports. However, if due to any reason the labrum gets torn, it can cause lot pain and clicking. There are can be different reason of a labrum to be get torn and of the main reason behind it is the sports related injuries such as playing impact sports like basketball, soccer, hockey etc. Those players who suffer from the groin injuries, 22% of them are being generally detected with labral tear. However, in 75% of torn labrum no direct reasons are being found.

Hip pointer: It can be one of a serious injury that a person can get while playing basketballs. It is a bruise at the top of the hip bone at the outside of the hip bone that can occur due to sudden trauma. There can be bleeding and swelling if the bone tears the muscle attached to it. Mostly if the person would get a direct blow to hip or may fall with full force over the hip the chances of hip pointers gets higher. Thus the players of basketball have a significant chance of getting injured.

Thigh strain: Strain is one of the common injuries that people can get while playing impact sports. The thigh muscle is generally classified into three issues that are quadriceps, hamstring muscles and the abductor muscle. If the fibres of the muscle get overstretched, it generally considered as the strain in the thighs. Even in case the fibres get stretched more than the limit it is possible those muscles get torn off. Tightness, fatigue, imbalance in the muscle can be the possible reasons of muscle strain.

Therefore, from the discussion it is clear that these are some of the injuries which can create serious impact on the career of the professional basketball player. Thus, one must always try to protect one self from such injuries and must take proper protective measurements to avoid it.

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